What must I put in my backpack?

Hi, Everybody!
This is a question we always wonder before a camp. But we all know that we usually don't fill the backpack with clothes or stuff, we fill it with "just in cases...".
"Just in case of rain"
"Just in case of wind"
"Just in case of swimming pool"...
Well, from our experience we have made a list of things that you should put in your backpack and covers all the possible cases (We apologize, but we don't expect a zombie attack in the middle of the night).
Then there it go:


1. Sleeping Bag and mat.
2. Travelling rug (It can be cold at night).
3. Poto, stainless steel plate (not glass) and cutlery (Spoon, fork and knife).
4. Lantern with spare batteries.
5. Reflective Vest (For the route).
6. Bath towel, swimsuit and water shoes (Not flip flops).
7. Toilet-case with shampoo, gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, roll-on deodorant…
8. Uniform and Scout Neckerchief.
9. Trekking boots (Not new ones).
10. Hooded Raincoat.
11. Pajama or tracksuit to sleep.
12. Comfortable Sport Shoes.
13. Spare T-Shirts, trousers and shorts.
14. Underpants and socks.
15. Water Canteen (around 1 liter).
16. Cap and sunscreen.
17. Jersey or sweater.
18. Wind breaker.
19. Bag to keep dirty clothes. 


1. Phones.
2. Razors.
3. Sweets (We bet for healthy food).
4. Electronic devices (MP3, PSP,…).
- We recommend you to bring all your clothes marked with name and surname.
- This is a Standard list. We use the same in every camp, with small changes. Usually, places where we camp use to be warm during the day and quite cold after dusk. The weather in Toledo and Valladolid will probably be different. Toledo will be quite warm, and furthermore with a lot of slopes in the Old Town. Valladolid is a bit softer, but also warm. 

IMPORTANT: ID Card or Passport, and European health insurance card.

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